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Fog Computing

Fog Computing: The Future of Getting Connected Is Here

Traditional EMR systems are either based on a Client/Server or Cloud/Browser-Based architecture. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Fog Computing merges the benefits of both types of systems in a single platform.

With Fog Computing Your Practice Can:

  • Choose how your data is hosted: On Premise, Cloud, 3rd party hosted
  • Access your system from anywhere: Say goodbye to VPN, Remote Desktop, Citrix, and clunky browsers.
  • Increase Productivity, User Satisfaction, and Clinical Outcomes: Real-time performance allows providers to quickly access clinical and imaging data so they can focus on their patients.


Edge Computing

Faster. More Secure. More Reliable.

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The Edge Computing Service is a feature of EyeMD EMR’s Fog Architecture that allows remote offices to securely experience real-time imaging and document performance without requiring an on premise imaging/data server or VPN.

Edge computing increases provider productivity by overcoming imaging performance issues caused by internet bandwidth limitations. High-resolution images from devices like a fundus cameras and wide-field OCT are stored and displayed instantly regardless of whether the data is hosted on premise, in a remote office, with a 3rd party hosting provider, or on the cloud.