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Hurricane Irma Service Impact

Due to the direct impact of Hurricane Irma, our main office will remain closed until further notice. Irma’s impact on SW FL was significant, causing wide spread infrastructure outages, downed trees, and pockets of severe flooding. Thankfully, our offices suffered no physical damage. However, our offices are being impacted by a city-wide power & internet outage. Most of our employees are unable to leave their homes because of street flooding, fuel shortages, and debris on the road ways.  Although our corporate campus is considered a high priority electrical service area, Florida Power and Light cannot provide a timeline as to when power will be restored. Although our server systems are protected by battery backups and generators, both our internet backbone connection and backup internet service are down and both providers are unable to provide timelines as to when they expect internet services to be restored. As part of our business continuity planning, critical systems are replicated offsite and are online. Our emergency support team is hard at work responding to all incoming support requests.

Because of the limited available staff, widespread infrastructure outages, and limited facilities available to conduct business, only critical support services can be offered at this time. If you experience an EMR outage emergency, please call our main line and dial option 4 or send an e-mail to support@eyemdemr.com. We ask that you please limit any contact to EMR outages and emergencies only. We will keep our client base informed on the availability of critical services primarily via Client Newswire. Once services are fully restored, we will send out an e-mail notification.

Thank you for your prayers, kind e-mails, and your patience during this time. During times like this, it is reassuring to know that our clients are standing with us. We have the best clients in the world.

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