Axon Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology
Axon Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology

Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology

Enhance your medical practice with cutting-edge patient engagement solutions from Axon Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology. Our platform seamlessly integrates digital intake forms, online patient intake, and automated appointment reminders, ensuring a streamlined and efficient healthcare experience for both providers and patients.

Experience the convenience of automated appointment reminders! Streamline your scheduling process and enhance patient communication. Our automated reminders ensure that appointments are top-of-mind for patients, reducing no-shows and improving overall attendance. With customizable options and seamless integration, stay connected with your patients effortlessly, saving time for both your staff and those you serve. Elevate your practice with efficient and reliable appointment reminders.

Revolutionize your patient experience with our cutting-edge patient engagement solution. Seamlessly integrate the process of managing consent forms for ophthalmic surgery into every stage of the patient journey. Our innovative solution empowers patients to conveniently sign ophthalmology consent forms before, during, or after their visit, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient workflow. Trust us for a comprehensive approach to handling consent forms specific to ophthalmic surgery, providing a seamless and secure experience for both your practice and patients. Elevate your ophthalmology practice with our specialized solution for managing consent forms tailored to the unique needs of ophthalmic surgery. From pre-visit preparations to post-appointment follow-ups, our patient engagement platform ensures the smooth handling of consent forms for ophthalmic surgery at every step.

In a landscape filled with various patient engagement companies like ModMed Klara and Nextech Patient Engagement, Axon stands out as a robust and user-friendly solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork with our digital intake forms, offering a hassle-free experience for patients during the check-in process. Axon’s automated appointment reminders eliminate the risk of missed appointments, promoting better adherence to scheduled visits.

How Our Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology Compares

While ModMed Klara may offer similar services like Telehealth, Axon’s patient engagement for ophthalmology goes above and beyond. Our platform provides an intuitive and secure environment for patients, integrating seamlessly with EyeMD EMR for a comprehensive healthcare management experience. Axon understands the importance of patient portals and engagement, offering a superior alternative to ModMed Klara solutions.

Choose Axon for a patient-centric approach that prioritizes efficiency, security, and seamless integration with EyeMD EMR. Experience the benefits of Axon patient engagement and elevate your medical practice to new heights.

Press Release

EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems Inc. Announces the Release of Axon Patient Engagement at AAO 2023

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Oct. 31, 2023 — EyeMD EMR, a leading provider of clinical software solutions designed specifically for eye care, proudly announced the launch of Axon, a 3rd Generation Patient Engagement System that extends the functionality of their suite of products. This innovative solution empowers clinicians to digitally interact with their patients outside of the clinical setting to improve efficiencies, create opportunities, and enhance quality of care. Axon builds on the functionality of previous generation systems by leveraging clinical insights to drive patient communication automation. Patient captured images and clinical data are leveraged to create workflow efficiencies for the practice. Business communication platform-inspired patient interactions increase patient satisfaction and open the door for dialogue not previously possible in a traditional healthcare setting. “Everybody wins with

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Axon Patient Engagement for Ophthalmology

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Introducing Axon: a 3rd generation engagement system reimagined for eye care. Experience next-level digital intake and patient reminders.

EyeMD EMR Named 2024 Best In KLAS: Ambulatory **Ophthalmology** EMR

EyeMD EMR Named 2024 Best In KLAS: Ambulatory **Ophthalmology** EMR
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