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Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) System

Finally... An Easy to Use & Comprehensive Ophthalmology EMR

We know every role in an ophthalmology practice supports the ophthalmologist – so you can deliver optimal patient care. The EyeMD EMR system was developed solely for the ophthalmology specialty to improve clinical workflows, functionality, and practice efficiency. EyeMD EMR’s system gives each member of your practice a simple, effective tool that lets them – and you – work smarter, easier and faster.

We’re here to help you streamline your ophthalmology practice workflows, meet meaningful use requirements and ensure your patients receive the best care possible.

EMR system for ophthalmology - comprehensive, easy to use

Simple and Powerful EMR System

EyeMD EMR puts the most comprehensive ophthalmology EMR solution at your fingertips. You’ll never need to sacrifice system capability for a simple, easy-to-use EMR.

More Time with Patients. Less Time Wrangling Technology.

A simple and intuitive user interface gives you and your staff an easy-to-use ophthalmology EMR platform. Designed specifically for Ophthalmology practices, the EyeMD EMR system provides efficient workflows throughout the patient visit – from patient sign-in through diagnostic testing, review, treatment and billing.

Ophthalmology EMR system provides simple, efficient electronic medical records system


Say Goodbye to Clunky Browsers and Remote Desktop!

Our system is a Desktop App that doesn’t care where the data is hosted. It works like a phone app, but for your desktop!

The future is now here with Fog Computing!




Ophthalmology EMR system provides DICOM diagnostic equipment integration

Built-In DICOM Imaging

Seamlessly integrate your Legacy & DICOM diagnostic equipment… at no additional cost!


Fast, efficient ophthalmology EMR system. EyeMD EMR

Fast & Efficient

Improve workflow efficiency in your practice with an ophthalmology EMR software system designed to optimize every task.

Ophthalmology EMR system provides data, clinical insights

Clinical Insights

Gain clinical insights by having the right data at your fingertips.

EyeMD EMR ophthalmology EMR system gives best user satisfaction.

Our Reputation

Know what to expect from us with high user satisfaction reported on surveys conducted by AAO™ & ASCRS/ASOA.


Easily find billing codes using ophthalmology EMR system. EyeMD EMR


Automatically determine final billable codes, considering documented severity and laterality, even if you don’t know what ICD-10 is.


Ophthalmology EMR software includes optical inventory tracking system. EyeMD EMR

Flexsys Optical

Opticians will look forward to performing inventory and tracking fulfillment with our comprehensive optical system.


EyeMD EMR system - scalable ophthalmology system - single doc offices, multi location pratices. EyeMD EMR

Solutions for Practices of Any Size

Single doc practices with limited resources, multi-location provider groups, and hospitals all love our system.


Electronic Medical Records EMR software allows mobile charts access. EyeMD EMR.


Access charts before entering the exam room or while on-the-go.


EyeMD Ophthalmology EMR system connects to IRIS Registry improving patient care.

EyeMD EMR’s system is connected to the IRIS® Registry to help improve patient care, enable clinical discovery, and simplify federal quality reporting.

In addition, we are an official IRIS® Registry EHR Collaborator. This formalizes a working relationship between us and the Academy with the goal of further improving both systems.


EyeMD EMR ophthalmology system sends messages to other providers

Increase Referrals with Better Communication

Strengthen your provider relationships by securely sending electronic messages and charts to all involved providers, no matter what EMR system they are using! Effectively manage co-managed surgeries, and send & receive faxes to providers not on EMR yet.


Keep Your System Humming

Our FREE real-time server monitoring service keeps your EMR system running reliably and ensures your backup system is actually working.


EMR technical support provides free server monitoring maintaining ophthalmology practice uptime.


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EyeMD EMR ophthalmology EMR comparison chart

Our ophthalmology EMR system has so many features, it can be hard to remember them all. It’s even harder to keep track of which vendor has what! No worries, all our features are listed here. We also went ahead and checked off the results of the leading competitors and left space for you to write in a specific competitor. You’ll be shocked at what you find!