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Never Outgrow Your EMR

Never Outgrow Your EMR

Designed for Ophthalmology Practices of All Sizes

Whether you are starting a new practice,  a dedicated ophthalmic hospital with 20+ off-campus clinics, or anything in-between, EyeMD EMR has you covered.

Reliable Satellite Offices

Never Send Your Patients Home Because the Internet Went Out


  • Main Office performance and reliability at satellite locations
  • All office locations can share the same database
  • Internet outages do not affect the system
  • Internet connection bandwidth and reliability requirements are minimal

EyeMD EMR is one of only a few EMR systems in the world that reliably supports real-time server synchronization. This allows your practice to have a cost effective server at some or all of your remote locations. When the internet is up, all servers will synchronize with each other in real-time. Your workstations will communicate with a local server ensuring Main Office speed and reliability.  Should the internet go down while you are working in a satellite location, you will not notice anything is wrong as your workstations are connected to a local server that is still accessible during an outage. Once the Internet comes back online, the servers will sync everything back up automatically.

Ophthalmology EMR Network Topology

Provider Specific Customizations

Each Doctor Can Have It Their Way


  • Employees can be restricted to only access charts for certain providers & patient categories
  • Treatment Plans can be personalized for each provider or be made available to all providers
  • Techs will enjoy the consistency and familiarity of certain customizations that apply to all providers
  • Visit Types can be configured for the unique requirements of each provider

Easy Yet Comprehensive

A Beautiful Balance of Power and Simplicity


  • Most users can easily document a visit without being trained, reducing burden on implementation staff
  • System comes pre-configured and is near ready to go-live, minimizing implementation time & reducing implementation staff burden
  • On-the-fly customization allows practices with limited resources to continually improve the system, eliminating redundant keyboard entry
  • Unforeseen clinical circumstances can easily be documented, eliminating continuous template modifications that usually can only be performed by highly trained implementation staff on competing systems
  • Robust feature set including DICOM & Legacy imaging, comprehensive coding/billing features, automated letter/document Engine, and others leave nothing to be desired and eliminates reliance on many 3rd party systems

Mindblowing Performance for Any Size Practice

Technology That Will Not Try Your Patience


  • Most screens fully render within milliseconds, eliminating progress bars, hourglasses, and wasted time
  • Specifically designed to be fast and efficient, dramatically reducing hardware requirements
  • Reliably scales to any size practice (ask us for a copy of our Hardware Scaling Recommendations)
  • Specifically designed to work efficiently in any environment including WAN, Remote Desktop, & Citrix

Integration and Flexibility:

The added bonus benefit of Client/Server EMR Systems is the ability to interface with real-time practice management systems and diagnostic test machines without the complication of cumbersome 3rd party tools and technology workarounds that could prove costly and unreliable.