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Image Management

Image Management

Safe, Seamless, & Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging… at No Additional Cost!


Improve Outcomes with Powerful Imaging

Access Every Image on Every Computer

Diagnostic imaging is key to providing your patients with the best possible care, but managing digital images on fractured systems limits its potential. Our built-in imaging system saves the day.

High-Performance Imaging In Every Office

Powered by Edge Computing


  • No image server or VPN required.
  • No more waiting for slow uploads.
  • Real-time rendering performance in all your offices.
  • No more clunky/laggy Remote Desktop sessions or low quality browser renders.


Naturally Interact with Images

  • See clearly and work efficiently when zooming and panning high-resolution images
  • Quickly analyze progression with our Multi-View & Flipbook features
  • Combined EMR & Imaging system saves time and minimizes clicks
  • Log into a single application for both charts and diagnostics

View, Interpret, Diagnose, & Bill In One Place

No Switching Back and Forth!


  • Increase productivity by not having to add visits or log into a separate imaging application
  • Increase confidence by directly linking interpretations with images
  • Leave no diagnosis behind by automatically carrying them over to visits
  • Increase reimbursement by posting diagnostic billing charges directly to your PM system
  • Leverage advanced capabilities that seamlessly tie clinical data with imaging data

Enhance Productivity & Ensure Patient Safety with



  • Modality Worklist support sends EMR orders directly to the machine, enhancing productivity and eliminating data entry errors
  • Advanced imaging capabilities display native tomographies, reference images, & high-resolution imagery as if you were looking at them on the machine
  • Vendor-Neutral standard allows connectivity with any device that supports DICOM*
  • Imaging Studies are created automatically in EMR when images are sent to the EMR
  • Images cannot be associated with the wrong patient, ensuring patient safety

Our DICOM capabilities rival standalone imaging systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, yet we provide DICOM imaging at no additional cost! We can do this because unlike other systems, we designed our DICOM libraries in-house, from scratch, working directly from the 4,100-page standard.

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*Although DICOM is a vendor-neutral standard,  implementations may vary. Please contact us for the latest information on specific devices.

See Images Clearly

Other systems may not display images in their native format for various technical reasons. This can result in compression blur and pixelation which may cause you to lose important clinical details. Will this result in a missed diagnosis?

EyeMD EMR displays images in their native format and uses GDI Hardware Graphics Acceleration to render images. This results in blazing fast/stunning visuals that will make you more productive and will impress your patients.




Legacy & Proprietary Integrations

  • Keep your old machines with hundreds of supported proprietary integrations
  • Import automations allow you to filter and import multiple images with a single click
  • Legacy & DICOM images are kept in the same place so you’ll never go hunting for legacy images
  • Eliminate manual entry by importing discrete data from Auto-Phoropters, Lensometers, Auto-Refractors, and more! 

Integration and Flexibility:

The added bonus benefit of Client/Server EMR Systems is the ability to interface with real-time practice management systems and diagnostic test machines without the complication of cumbersome 3rd party tools and technology workarounds that could prove costly and unreliable.