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EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems to Debut Groundbreaking Ophthalmic DICOM Image Management System at AAO 2013


BONITA SPRINGS, FL –(Nov 13, 2013) – EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc. (EyeMD EMR), a leading provider of Electronic Medical Records software designed specifically for the Ophthalmology Specialty, announced today that they will debut their new EMR Integrated DICOM Image Management System at the 2013 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Ophthalmologists throughout the country and the world leverage EyeMD EMR to improve electronic clinical documentation workflows and practice efficiencies. Although EyeMD EMR has years of experience in dealing with proprietary Diagnostic Machine Imaging and Interfaces, the need for vendor-neutral interoperability is growing as more Ophthalmologists transition their practices into fully electronic workflows. “The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has lead the effort to create vendor-neutral imaging standards for Ophthalmology,” said Abdiel Marin, President of EyeMD EMR. He went on to say “DICOM, an Imaging Standard which has been in use in Radiology for over 20 years has come a long way, but still needed work to adapt to the needs of Ophthalmologists.
Although no standard is perfect, we applaud the efforts of the Academy sponsored IHE Eye Care. EyeMD EMR will continue to stand alongside them to ensure DICOM is developed further to address the existing and future needs of Ophthalmologists.”

Because of the specialty-specific needs of Ophthalmologists and the costs associated with licensing existing DICOM libraries, EyeMD EMR made an unconventional decision to develop their implementation of the DICOM standard in-house. “Although there are a few powerful DICOM libraries out there, only a couple of them had adequately invested in the standards developed specifically for Ophthalmology,” said Mr. Marin. EyeMD EMR’s decision to develop their DICOM Libraries in-house delayed many of their planned projects. It has however proven to be a worthwhile investment. Gus Savloff, Vice President of Sales at EyeMD EMR said, “Our decision to develop DICOM in-house gives us a unique market advantage, as we can provide a full DICOM Image Management System at no additional cost to our providers, and provide functionality that will be difficult to match as our competitors are bound to the feature limitations and licensing/distribution restrictions of their 3rd party libraries.”

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