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Optical Shop

Optical Shop

Optical Shop Solutions with No-Cost Integration

Documentation for the Ophthalmology Specialty is remarkably complex and diverse. As a leading specialist in the Ophthalmology EMR field, EyeMD EMR is recognized for simplifying the minutiae of ophthalmology-specific medical documentation. By streamlining the ins and outs of Real Time Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR), your practice will have everything required to run day-to-day in one comprehensive full spectrum package. Hands-on peer and industry experts have designed and implemented this system exclusively for Ophthalmology as an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.


EyeMD EMR is partnered with FlexSys to offer Ophthalmology Specialty practices a no-cost integration Optical Shop. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • FlexOptical™ Optical Point of Sale Patient history, optical orders, Rx history, financial reporting and lab order management.
  • FlexInventory™ Optical Inventory Management Barcode inventory control, contact lens inventory and Frames™ data integration.