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2020 MIPS Reporting Information & New Version Update


EyeMD EMR 2.0 Version Update
We are currently well into Stage 2 of our roll out and have migrated approximately 30% of our clients to the new version. Our largest client with 84 physicians and 625 employees migrated last month, and they are doing great and loving the new version. We are quickly reaching the point where we can perform a mass migration of all remaining clients and expect all remaining clients to have the opportunity to upgrade by the end of this year. If you are in Stage 2 and have not yet been given the opportunity to upgrade, we will be contacting you soon. If you signed up for Stage 3 (or never signed up) and would like to be moved to Stage 2, please contact Customer Service.

COVID-19 Impact on Practices
Many customers have been severely impacted by COVID and as a result, did not wish to proceed with the migration to 2.0 when given the opportunity to migrate. Although a few customers took advantage of the reduced patient volumes and migrated, most held off due to challenges brought by staff working remotely, being laid off, furloughed, etc. Many practices decided to hold off on migration until they were in a better, more certain position.

MIPS Extreme & Uncontrollable Circumstances and PI Interoperability Hardship Exception
The MIPS Extreme & Uncontrollable Circumstances and PI Interoperability Hardship Exception allows your practice to request reweighting for all MIPS performance categories if you have been significantly impacted by COVID 19. This exception recognizes the challenges most practices faced and gives your practice more time to migrate while avoiding penalties.

Even if you plan to report for 2020, AAO is recommending that all eligible practices apply for both a MIPS Extreme & Uncontrollable Circumstances Application and a PI Interoperability Hardship Exception Application as most practices have likely been significantly impacted by COVID-19. We agree with the Academy and urge all eligible customers to apply for both exceptions.

  • The 2020 extreme and uncontrollable circumstance application is open through December 31, 2020, allowing clinicians, groups, and virtual groups to request reweighting of one or more MIPS performance categories to 0%.
  • When approved, the performance categories included in the application are weighted at 0% and will not contribute to your final score unless you submit MIPS data for the 2020 performance period.
  • Data submissions for a given category will void approved category exceptions. As a result, if you apply and intend to rely on that exception, DO NOT submit any data for that category.

We urge all eligible customers still on EyeMD EMR version 1.0 to apply for these exceptions.

If you need assistance with filing these applications, please contact Customer Service. For more information regarding the Hardship Exception click here.

2015 Certification Status
EyeMD EMR 2.0 is a 2015 Edition certified product. That said, there are a few outstanding certification items that are required for us to complete before you can attest for PI in 2020. Certification testing is currently scheduled for December 14-16, before the deadline of December 31st. Rest assured that clients that upgraded to version 2.0 will be able to attest for PI for the 2020 reporting year if they prefer that option over the hardship exception.

In addition, there is an emergency executive order being considered to further extend compliance dates and timeframes as a result of COVID. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

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