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No ICD-10 Knowledge Necessary

ICD-10 is a complicated coding system. Although the reimbursement impact was certainly not as cataclysmic as certain experts made it out to be, certain codes remain difficult to manage and create a significant burden on billers and providers… at least on other systems.

Never Pick a Final Billable Code Again

EyeMD EMR automatically determines final billable codes, considering documented severity, laterality, and care episode. Even for lids!

Gracefully Handles Complicated Ophthalmic Codes Like:

  • E08-E13 Diabetes with Ophthalmic Manifestations
  • H40 Glaucoma
  • H00 Hordeolum and Chalazion (Multiple Lids)
  • S05 Injury of Eye and Orbit

And Much More!

Save Time Documenting a Single Diagnosis with Multiple Locations

With other systems, in order to document a diagnosis that occurs to all 4 lids, you must document 4 separate diagnoses! EyeMD EMR allows you to document and manage a single diagnosis with multiple locations.

Prevent Denials with Our Built-in Cross Coder

EyeMD EMR automatically informs you if a selected diagnosis will not pay for a billed procedure, preventing denials and increasing biller productivity.