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EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems Achieves 2015 Certification & Release Update

We have achieved 2015 Certification!  Our listing on the CHPL has been updated to reflect this achievement.


We also have been diligently working to release the new version of EyeMD EMR. We have several practices actively testing the release on their systems, and expect to begin the roll out process shortly after returning from the ASCRS annual meeting.

We expect our roll out to go efficiently and smoothly with minimal impact to your practice. We will soon be releasing information about our new eLearning platform that will be leveraged to expedite the roll out training process for all users.  This will allow your practice to receive new version training information 24 hours a day.

Although we are confident that all practices will be able to attest for Performance Improvement for at least the 4th quarter of this year, we have been in contact with legislators regarding our timelines. They are aware of the circumstances surrounding our timelines and have assured us that in the unlikely event a practice is not able to attest because of our timelines, the practice will not be penalized.

We are very excited about the upcoming release and are confident that you will conclude that it was worth the wait!

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