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MIPS Highlights 2023 – Spring Edition

EyeMD Ophthalmology EMR system connects to IRIS Registry improving patient care.

IRIS Registry Transition

The IRIS Registry has been transitioned from the original vendor, FIGmd, to Verana Health. At this point, you should already be working with Verana on transitioning. Please continue to work with your Practice Experience Manager (PEM) and monitor your Quality Dashboard throughout the year to avoid attestation surprises. If you have not yet signed up with Verana, please know that as an EyeMD EMR customer you will be prioritized for transition in April 2023. Please keep an eye out for any emails or notifications from Verana and work with them to get your new dashboard up and running to ensure a successful quality outcome in 2023.

Important Verana Deadlines:

June 15, 2023 – Sign up for new registry users who have not used IRIS previously
August 1, 2023 – Completion of IRIS-EHR integration
September 30, 2023 – Final request for mapping refinements for measures
December 31, 2023 – Complete all patient encounters for 2023
January 31, 2024 – Sign IRIS DRCF
March 31, 2024 – Complete submission to CMS via IRIS Registry Dashboard

If you have recently switched to EyeMD EMR from another EMR system, please contact Verana to start the integration process ASAP. To use IRIS for 2023 reporting, you must be connected by August 1, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the IRIS Registry transition or your Quality Dashboard, please reach out to your assigned Practice Experience Manager or Verana at 877-837-2621.

*Special Note for EyeMD EMR version 1.0 clients: If you wish to use the IRIS registry to track and attest your MIPS data for 2023, you will be required to transition to version 2.0 by July 1, 2023. Please contact customer service or training for more information.

Promoting Interoperability & EUC Exception

For 2023, CMS will continue to offer automatic reweighting of PI for practices who qualify under Special Statuses. If your practice has less than fifteen (15) providers and you qualify under the special status criteria, you will automatically be reweighted if you do not report any PI data during your attestation. Practices over fifteen (15) providers or that do not meet the special status criteria will still be required to attest to PI unless they apply for and receive an approved exception. Additional information can be found at Promoting Interoperability: Traditional MIPS Requirements.

The Extreme & Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) Exception is available in 2023, but must be applied for and approved by CMS. Please note that this exception is not automatically granted; CMS frequently denies applications.

If you have questions regarding your PI report in EyeMD EMR or how to effectively meet the PI requirements, please reach out to our training department at 877-239-3367, option 4.

Improvement Activity

If you have attested Improvement Activity IA_PM_7 – [Use of a QCDR to generate regular feedback reports] in the past, please note that this measure has been removed for 2023. Providers will need to select and perform a different activity for at least 90 days to meet IA requirements.

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