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How to Select the Right EMR

Just select ours…  : ) We know that you probably think that is the goal of this article. It is not. Unlike other articles on this site, the purpose of this article is NOT to persuade you to purchase our system… honestly. We would rather you select a system better suited for your practice… than […]

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Thinking about a Web-Based (Cloud) EMR for Ophthalmology?

Several Ophthalmology EMR/EHR’s are now cloud/web based. With all the recent hype of “the cloud”, fancy lingo like “it’s the future”, and claims of lower upfront costs and less IT concerns, why not go web based? Web-based software is a great option to have for certain tasks. In fact, a few of the features in […]

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Thinking about a Cloud EMR for Ophthalmology?

The Current Landscape of Ophthalmology EMR Vendors and How it Relates to Our Company.

The once crowded ophthalmic EMR market is currently experiencing a significant market consolidation.  Vendors who were once “too big to fail” are experiencing a mass exodus of users, and vendors that thought they would climb their way to the top found themselves climbing a rungless ladder.  With all the twists and turns this market consolidation […]

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