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Our Reputation

Our Reputation Precedes Us

EyeMD EMR ophthalmology EMR system gives best user satisfaction.

What do your peers say about us?

Answer: You probably already know.

Our company has an excellent reputation. Why? Because we work hard to earn it.

Our clients are our greatest marketers. Every day, we get an opportunity to demonstrate our core values and our talents to our users. Our users appreciate what we do for them, and as a result, they tell everyone they can about us.

Other EMR companies distract attention away from their reputation with paid-for accolades and paid-for physicians. We have never paid a single ophthalmologist to say anything nice about us. Our users graciously offer their testimonials without asking for anything in return because they believe in what we do.

But when every vendor claims to be #1, who can you trust?  Trust research performed by provider organizations YOU trust.

KLAS Research Ophthalmology 2019 Report Results:

EyeMD EMR Outperformed All Other Vendors

EyeMD EMR Received the Highest Overall Performance Score!

Our overall performance score of 90.1 beat all other ophthalmic EMR vendors, and 100% of our users reported they would buy us again!

We are not A top performer, we are THE top performer!

We also outperformed all other specialty vendors on the following categories:

  • Drives Tangible Outcomes
  • Keeps All Promises
  • Quality of Training
  • Culture
  • Value
  • Money’s Worth
  • Avoids Nickel-and-Diming



Even they were surprised!

“What is always fascinating about this process is collecting the customer-experience data and then comparing it to what we think we know about the vendors, or even to what the vendor portrays to the market. For example, EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems is a vendor that KLAS has not engaged with before and that did not offer much engagement on this report. But we knew that they were a market presence, so we measured them anyway. It is great to see that they ended up scoring at the top of the list…”  
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KLAS Research is a prestigious impartial market research firm that works on behalf of providers and payers.

AAO & ASCRS EHR User Satisfaction Survey Results:

High User Satisfaction Reported By Our Users

2015 AAO User Satisfaction Survey Results*
More Surveyed Users Agree**:

  • I would buy this EHR again
  • This EHR is Easy to Use
  • It’s easy to customize
  • Their Digital Imaging Is Easy
  • Documenting Care is Easy
  • Finding and Reviewing Information Is Easy
  • Imaging is Easy to Interpret
  • This EHR Organizes Ophthalmic Information Effectively
  • I am satisfied with Support & Training

*AAO/AAOE survey results represent opinion only, and are not in any way intended for use as a ranking tool. AAO/AAOE does not endorse any products.
**By combining Strongly Agree and Agree responses.

2015 ASCRS/ASOA User Satisfaction Survey Results*

More likely to recommend our system than any other vendorScored higher on Overall System Functionality than any other vendorLess hidden costs than any other vendor
EyeMD EMR outperformed all other vendors with an unprecedented Net Promoter Score of 72. NPS can be as low as −100 (everybody is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everybody is a promoter). An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of +50 is excellent.
EyeMD EMR outperformed all other vendors with an Overall System Functionality Score of 31.39.
Only 6% of respondents reported that they experienced hidden costs of any kind with our system. In contrast, as high as 67% of users of other systems reported experiencing hidden costs.

*ASCRS/ASOA survey results represent opinion only, and are not in any way intended for use as a ranking tool. ASCRS/ASOA does not endorse any products.


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