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Testimonial Tree – Eye Doctors See Solution for Increased Patient Word of Mouth and Feedback


ESTERO, FL –(Nov 16, 2016) – Southwest Florida technology firms EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems and Testimonial Tree have partnered to equip Ophthalmology professionals with a new tool to more efficiently capture patient feedback and offer patients an easy way to share that feedback with their friends and family.

EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems is nationally recognized as a leading provider of electronic medical records software solely designed for eye care professionals. The company has been heralded among the fastest growing private companies in America. Testimonial Tree simplifies the collection of patient feedback, online reviews, and testimonials. The platform helps physicians gain control of their online reputation and visibility on search engines and social media networks. By working together, both companies are offering a resource that enables healthcare professionals to successfully grow their practices.

As EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems President Abdiel Marin affirms, “While we have many clients using our electronic medical record software to support their clinical operations, we believe the solution from Testimonial Tree will not only help enrich the potential for new patients but also be helpful in enhancing existing patient relationships.” The integration will essentially allow doctors to more easily (and automatically) send requests for feedback/surveys to patients after appointments at relevant points of care. It enables doctors to quickly garner feedback from patients in a process that is fast, inexpensive, effective and automated. It also allows patients the opportunity to easily share that feedback with their friends and family through various social media outlets including Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Mr. Marin further indicates that the Testimonial Tree service can be used as Clinical Practice Improvement Activity for the Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) recently adopted by law. MIPS is a Medicare/Government program that influences how Medicare providers are reimbursed for the services they perform. The program establishes both penalties and incentives to encourage providers to offer quality services. “Just as we are concerned with providing quality services to support this segment of the healthcare industry, we know professionals are likewise concerned with offering quality services to their patients. We’re honored to provide a tool that allows them to more effectively gain insight on patient experiences, as well as means for patients to efficiently recommend a quality doctor to all their friends and family,” says Mr. Marin.

Testimonial Tree’s Founder and CEO Jason Dolle has long been a proponent of harnessing the benefits that come from positive customer referrals. As Dolle says, “For an Ophthalmology practice, our tool provides the means of letting new patients better understand the quality of the services fulfilled based on the experiences of existing patients. At the same time, it helps existing patients better realize how much the Doctor values their feedback. It also helps staff acquire a better understanding of how their efforts make a difference in the lives of their patients. That’s a lot of service coming from one simple tool which we integrate with a company’s website,” explains Dolle.

Though initially rooted in services to the real estate industry, Testimonial Tree has rapidly branched into a range of industries, including insurance providers, mortgage institutions, and veterinary service providers. Dolle indicates the relationship with eye doctors may prove to ultimately resonate with other healthcare practitioners. “Healthcare providers are often so busy serving their patients, they don’t have the time or systems in place to rapidly glean an understanding of how their patients feel about their services,” says Dolle.

“Our solution is ultimately helping businesses harness advantages that come from having happy customers. It’s proven productive in driving new business as well as reputation management, which is something no one should take for granted. We’re also seeing how the wide sharing of positive customer referrals can be more effective, and certainly more affordable, than conventional advertising in mass media, especially when considering how our solution integrates with social media.” Dolle says that while the new relationship with EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems offers Testimonial Tree greater access into the healthcare industry, it will also provide a greater evidentiary platform for demonstrating how medical practices can better profit from positive referrals. “We’re grateful for the confidence EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems has entrusted in our company, and we especially appreciate the ability to serve the staff and patients of so many eye care professionals,” says Dolle.

“Our mission at Testimonial Tree has always been about helping businesses better capture and communicate quality customer interactions for increased success. It’s humbling to see us increasingly making a difference in Healthcare services too.”

About Testimonial Tree, Inc.

Testimonial Tree is the leader in testimonial management software. Professionals trust Testimonial Tree to help them gather feedback about customer experiences through 5-star ratings, satisfaction surveys, and customer reviews. Our platform empowers your clients to share word-of-mouth recommendations on social media networks and syndicate testimonials on your own website as well as popular 3rd party review websites. We help you take control of your reputation online, build trusted client relationships and increase brand loyalty. To learn more please contact us by phone: (239) 424-9018, email: info@TestimonialTree.com or visit our website: http://get.TestimonialTree.com/eyemd emr/

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