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EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems and Advanced Data Systems for Ophthalmology Announce Affiliation

EyeMD EMR software for ophthalmology partner, Advanced Data Systems Corp.

Bonita Springs, FL and Paramus, NJ –(Aug 4, 2011) – EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems and Advanced Data Systems have announced that each company’s solutions are available as an integrated system for state-of-the-art Ophthalmology EHR and Practice Management.

The tightly integrated products, EyeMD EMR from EEHS and MedicsPremier PM from ADS essentially operate as a single, unified solution for comprehensive EHR and PM functionality.

While the companies have been working together for more than a year, with numerous practices utilizing both companies’ solutions, the most recent version of the EyeMD EMR now has a direct advanced integration with MedicsPremier. This integration is much more powerful and seamless than the previous interface.

“The exchange of data between systems is seamless and flawless,” said Abdiel Marin, President of EEHS. He added, “The integration makes them as close as possible to being one single system.”
The companies operate in a very closely-knit fashion as well. David Barzillai, President of ADS, said, “To say that EEHS and ADS work well together is an understatement; the companies are as neatly in tune with each other as is our software.”

The two companies, working in unison, give clients the added benefit of having the ability to obtain the hardware for both systems from a single source. ADS sells and supports hardware to meet the combined requirements of both systems, including the ability to back up both systems as one, further exemplifying the systems’ integration.

Mr. Marin said, “The companies are in almost complete sync to the point where a client call to either company is like a call to both. More compact coordination between two companies is not easily found.” The affiliation of EEHS and ADS brings a best of breed solution to Ophthalmology practices, as EyeMD EMR is the only EHR system produced by EEHS, their exclusive specialty being Ophthalmology.

ADS has been producing PM systems since 1977. “While the company does have its own MedicsDocAssistant EHR which is excellent for a variety of specialties, Ophthalmology is quite unique. We wanted only the best EHR solutions for our Ophthalmology clients and after much due diligence the decision was made to work with EEHS,” said Mr. Barzillai.

Mr. Marin noted, “We did the same in reverse. Although our current expertise is with Ophthalmology EHR, our history in the medical billing industry gave us a unique understanding of the PM needs of an Ophthalmology practice. ADS was the company with whom we chose to work, after much due diligence. Their Ophthalmology-friendly PM is proven, accurate, and helps practices easily collect maximum reimbursements. ADS is an extraordinary value, and millions of claims are submitted yearly through their systems. ADS programmers have performed hundreds of data conversions from other PM systems.”

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