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Service Update – Hurricane Ian Impact

Hurricane Ian has devastated SW Florida, home of EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems. Landing as a Category 4 Hurricane, Ian brought with it wind gusts of over 155 mph and destructive storm surges of over 12 feet. Thousands of properties are flooded and over 2 million homes and businesses are without power.

Although most of our staff work remotely and are physically located elsewhere, a significant portion of our staff were impacted by the storm. A few had their homes and cars flooded. We are grieved at the amount of damage this hurricane has caused. The scale of damage is unprecedented in our area. It goes without saying that staff that has been impacted by this storm must prioritize the needs of their home and families. Thankfully, although our corporate office will be without power for an unknown amount of time, our office did not sustain any significant damage or flooding. Our Hurricane Mitigation Plan is in full effect. Our emergency operations center is online and non-impacted staff are ready to assist. Once power is restored, we should be able to return to full capacity.

To compound this event, many of our key staff members will also be attending the AAO annual meeting in Chicago this weekend. As a result, we will be operating with limited staff in the coming weeks which may result in longer resolution times and rescheduled events. We will continue to operate under a call-back status till further notice. During this time, customers may submit support requests either via e-mail or voicemail. Once the request is received, a resource will contact your practice as soon as one becomes available.

We sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your organization. While we work hard to meet the needs of our customers, we ask for your patience during this trying time and thank you for being a valued customer.

Abdiel Marin – CEO

Customer Service –  cs@eyemdemr.com
Practice Management Service/Support – pm@eyemdemr.com
Technical Support – support@eyemdemr.com
EMR Training – training@eyemdemr.com
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