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Service Update – Operations Fully Restored

I would like to take this moment to personally thank our customers for all the love you have sent our way. Your actions, thoughts, and prayers helped us through an incredibly challenging time.

We are happy to report that our hurricane mitigation plan was successfully executed. All critical infrastructure quickly failed over despite all the curveballs Ian threw our way. Other systems came online soon after. Remote employees provided critical services as planned while impacted staff evacuated, sheltered in place, and later cleaned up the mess Ian left behind. After power was restored to our office on Monday 10/3, we began the process of restoring our systems to normal operation. During this time, an unforeseen technical complication resulted in a human error that caused our phone and update/installation verification systems to go offline for a few hours Tuesday 10/4. We apologize for any inconvenience this event caused. We will implement measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Although operations were fully restored Wednesday 10/5 around 9am, we plan to continue operating on a call-back basis for the remainder of the week to allow impacted staff more time to recover from Hurricane Ian. During this time, customers may submit support requests either via e-mail or voicemail. Once the request is received, a resource will contact your practice as soon as one becomes available.

Our plan was successfully executed, but Hurricane Ian exposed a few weak points. We did not account for AAO occurring on the same week, and we certainly did not foresee nearly all of our key technical infrastructure staff being marooned on their own personal island without power, internet, and cell phone service. We persevered, but we will take these lessons learned and improve our plan to account for these extreme, unusual, and uncontrollable circumstances.

In other news, AAO was a remarkable success! We showed up strong against all odds and saw a significant increase in demand for our products and services this year. Market conditions are favoring us, and all indications point to another period of hypergrowth. We are very excited!

Thank you again for your patience, show of support, and for being our valued customers.

Abdiel Marin – CEO

Customer Service –  cs@eyemdemr.com
Practice Management Service/Support – pm@eyemdemr.com
Technical Support – support@eyemdemr.com
EMR Training – training@eyemdemr.com
Sales – sales@eyemdemr.com

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